Fredenberg Town Board

Town Board consists of 5 town supervisors and the non-voting Clerk. Supervisors serve an elected term of 4 years. Elections are held in November. Town Treasurer, Clerk and Deputy Clerk are appointed positions. Town Board Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM in the Community Center Board Room. Saint Louis County, with an office in Duluth, MN, handles all township planning and zoning.

Fredenberg Township Officers & Staff:

Jeff Blix - Town Supervisor
Supervisor Blix areas of responsibility are Town Parks & Recreation, and Roads

Clay Cich - Town Supervisor
Supervisor Cich area of responsibility is Town Buildings

Debra Pawlowicz - Board Vice-Chair
Supervisor Pawlowicz area of responsibility is Town Recycling

Walter Rapp - Town Supervisor
Supervisor Rapp area of responsibility is Town Cemetery

Tim Wagner - Board Chair
Supervisor Wagner areas of responsibility are the Town Office and Fire Department


Ellen Hanson

Kim Wagner
Deputy Clerk

Jen Nelson
Fredenberg Community Center

Nathan Bell & Melissa Bell; Ry Truit
Recycle Center