April 6, 2022 Agenda

In keeping with the intent of the open meeting law:
The Board will provide an opportunity for public comment, during the open forum portion of this meeting, however; this is at the Board’s discretion and not mandated by state statute.

1. Call to Order the Regular meeting at 7:00 PM
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approve the Agenda
4. Approval of Minutes – Regular meeting of March 2, 2022
5. Financial Reports
a. Treasurer’s report – Pam Blekestad
b. Clerk’s report – Ellen Hanson
• Eagles Nest Resort liquor license
• Exercise equipment request
• Payroll processing changes
6. Correspondence
7. Reports
a. Roads report for March 2022 – Jim Ray
b. Fire Department report for March 2022 – Tim Wagner
c. Cemetery report for March 2022 – Walter Rapp
d. Parks and Recreation for March 2022 – Jim Ray
e. Community Center & Pavilion for March 2022 – Clay Cich
f. Recycling report for March 2022 – Deb Pawlowicz
g. Other Meetings attended March 2022
h. Township Preparedness Plan for March 2022
8. Open Forum (public can present issues to the Board) Time limit of 3 minutes per person
9. Old Business
a. Dam Lighting: Deb Pawlowicz
b. Welcome signs at Fredenberg entrances: Clay Cich
c. Update on Exterior Digital sign at Town Hall
d. Update on Town Hall window replacements
10. New Business
a. Quotes for township mowing-2022 season
b. Quotes for township road work-2022 season
c. Hazardous Waste Day
d. Township Powers and Fredenberg’s future
e. Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting: May 18, 2022, from 1-2 PM, Open Book
f. Second monthly Board meeting: April 20, 2022
11. Adjourn